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Here’s my review for the Kawayii Super Big Eyes S-Max Grey and  Kawayii Super Big Eyes Moe Moe Green circle lenses from UNIQSO:
They’re both 20mm lenses which drew me to it right away. I am in love with the size and probably won’t go any smaller anymore.
Though 20mm sounds very big compared to 15 or 16 mm lenses, they are not hard to put in or take out at all.
They’re both very comfortable to wear, though at first I couldn’t wear them for as long as I normally wear circle lenses, now I can.
The grey ones color is very natural, I would say as in it doesn’t grab too much attention. On the other hand the green one isn’t like some full green ones I’ve tried, they definitely do pop.
That being said, I normally wear the grey ones on a day to day basis, and the green ones when I feel like wearing something a bit more special.
With the grey ones the eye makeup I wear is a big range, from neutral to colors, with the green ones I stick to a bronze, pink, or purple based eye look to either compliment or contrast the green.
As for UNIQSO as a store, their customer service is the best I’ve ever seen in all the circle lens sites I’ve been on. They’re super quick to respond to questions and they’re super friendly. Packages arrive at a relatively quick time too.
What I really love about UNIQSO also is the price. Everything on UNIQSO is much cheaper than other sites.
UNIQSO has a huge variety from smaller and more natural lenses to super big lenses and even sclera lenses.
I would definitely recommend both of the contacts I received, I am in love with both of them and they’re the only lenses I wear now.
I will be posting a more in depth review of these on YouTube with things such as before and after makeup, and application of the lenses. 
If you would like to purchase from UNIQSO, you can use the code “kitty” to get 10% off your purchase